The OLACEFS’ Public Works Audit Working Group – GTOP, led by the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, is developing the coordinated audit on the governance mechanisms that Governments have generated for the integral management of the Mining Environmental Liabilities – MEL, an audit that is currently in its planning stage. It should be noted that the performance of this Coordinated Audit has the technical and financial support of the German Cooperation, through the GIZ, within the framework of activities of the regional project, Strengthening External Control in the Environmental Area.

In this context, the first webinar, called “Mining Environmental Liabilities: Their Management in the Region, Potential Environmental Impacts and Risk Assessment,” was held in Santiago, Chile on November 14th. The objective of this webinar was to train the officials participating in the coordinated audit in the basic concepts associated with the MELs to provide background information on their regional situation, discuss the impacts on the different environmental matrices, and to make reference to the risk assessment methodologies used in the cadaster and prioritization processes for the treatment of these liabilities.

The activity was held in the Executive Hall of the Main Building of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean – ECLAC, and was attended by the exhibitors Ángela Oblasser, Chile Foundation Expert and María Fernanda Valdivieso, Environmental Consultant, in addition to the exhibitors Mauricio Pereira, ECLAC Expert and Cristóbal Girardi, Chile Foundation Expert, all of them with vast experience in matters associated with the evaluation and management of sites with a potential presence of pollutants and, specifically, in the management of environmental liabilities of mining origin.

Finally, this audit will be carried out during the 2020 year and is part of the strengthening of the role of SAIs in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, specifically with Sustainable Development Goals No. 12 (Ensure sustainable consumption and production methods) and No. 15 (Life of terrestrial ecosystems) promoting governance structures that favor the integrated management of MELs.

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Presentation on Mining Environmental Liabilities, Ángela Oblasser

Presentation on Mining Environmental Liabilities. A regional vision, Mauricio Pereira

Presentation on Mining Environmental Liabilities. Systematization and Corrective Management Tools: Environmental Assessment of MELs, Cristóbal Girardi

Presentation on Mining Environmental Liabilities. Systematization Tools and Corrective Management: Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), M. Fernanda Valdivieso