The first Geocontrol Week: International Meeting on Geotechnologies for the Control and Monitoring of Agenda 2030 will be held in Brasilia, Brazil, from September 16 to 20. This is an initiative that arises from the collaboration between the Capacity Building Committee (CCC) and the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development, through the GIZ, within the framework of the Project for the Strengthening of External Control in the Environmental Area.

In addition to the activities of Geocontrol Week, three events will be held in parallel: the V International Seminar on Data Analysis in Public Administration (second edition internationally); the II Workshop on Geotechnologies applied to External Control; and training in QGIS – Introduction to the use of maps in auditing: practical approach and applied based on ISSAI 5540.

This activity is a unique opportunity for SAIs of the OLACEFS to learn about good practices in data analysis and mining, exchange experiences on what they are doing in their countries and organizations, as well as expand their knowledge and networking.

For more information you can check the site (Portuguese and English versions) or Geocontrol Magazine


Geocontrol Week: International meeting on geotechnologies for the control and monitoring of the 2030 Agenda

Date: September 16-20, 2019

Duration: approximately 40 hours

Place: Brazil, Brasilia – DF. Sports Club Sector Sul Trecho 3 Lot 3. Instituto Serzedello Corrêa (training center of the SAI of Brazil).