Ahead of the official opening of the XXV General Assembly of the Organisation of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS), the LXII meeting of the organisation’s Governing Board took place in Queretaro, Mexico on November 23, 2015.

Representatives of the six Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) that make up the Council – Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru – along with the chairs of committees, commissions and working groups, deliberated over an extensive programme including reports on the activities of the Presidency (Brazil’s SAI), the Executive Secretariat (Chile’s SAI) and other OLACEFS bodies and working groups.

Whilst reporting on the activities of the OLACEFS-GIZ Regional Programme, Director Peter Dineiger took the opportunity to announce the culmination of the international cooperation and to extol the achievements and progress made in strengthening our institutional control community.

Meanwhile the Executive Secretary of OLACEFS, Dr. Patricia Arriagada, presented a series of motions of appreciation, notably one to the Court of Accounts of the Union of Brazil for services provided over its three years in charge of the OLACEFS Presidency, and one to the OLACEFS-GIZ programme in the person of its director Peter Dineiger, for the invaluable support in both phases of the project that culminates next February.

Minutes for the LXII Board of Directors Meeting, Queretaro, Mexico, November 23, 2015