The 30th edition of the OLACEFS Newsletter is the final submission from the Superior Audit Office of the Federation of Mexico in its capacity as OLACEFS presidency holders. We hope that the OLACEFS community enjoys the publication.

The first section includes general statistic on articles contributed by SAIs from the region.

We welcome the appointment of the President of the Supreme Court of Auditors of the Republic of Honduras, which shares the results of its ISSAI Implementation Program, and together with Peru’s SAI fills us in on their collaboration in the planning process.

The SAI of El Salvador reports on a number of activities, including the renewal of its Quality Management System certificate and institutional procedures under ISO 900 – the 2015 version.

Mexico’s ASF offers the third submission of individual reports presented to the Chamber of Deputies in October 2018, and reports on progress on the implementation of SAINT within the framework of the National Transparency System.

The section closes with a piece from Peru’s SAI on the International Annual Integrity Conference 2018, together with an invitation to look at the presentations and other material stemming from the event.

The section on news on the various bodies and regional projects makes mention of the handovers of OLACEFS presidencies, changes in the Governing Board, and venues and technical subjects chosen in the framework of the XXVIII OLACEFS Ordinary General Assembly celebrated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The CCC provides information on the launch of the SDG MOOC at the beginning of 2019, the Commission for Citizen Participation reports on activities connected with the Coordinated Gender Audit (SDG 5) and GTOP keeps us abreast of progress with the Coordinated Renewable Energy Audit.

INTOSAI news includes the outcomes of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly, the 12th meeting of the Working Group on the Fight Against Corruption and Money Laundering (WGFACML) and the meeting of the Subcommittee on Internal Control Standards (ICS).

There is a link to the OECD publication on Integrity for Good Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean in the section on relevant matters in other organizations, and another for more information on the OECD Forum on Integrity and Anticorruption 2019.

There is also a provisional calendar for regional and international supreme audit activities.

We appreciate your collaboration on the 12 newsletters we have been responsible for publishing. It has been an honor.

For the 30th OLACEFS Newsletter, please click here:

OLACEFS Newsletter No. 30

ASF of Mexico
Outgoing OLACEFS presidency holders
December 2018