The Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices (CTPBG), with the support of AC-Colombia, presented the index of availability of information to citizens on the institutional management of Supreme Audit Institutions – “IDIGI-EFS”, within the framework of the XXVII OLACEFS General Assembly held recently in Asunción, Paraguay.

The IDIGI-EFS 2017 was developed from a survey of websites of the 22 SAIs of the region and their comparison with the good practices identified in the guide prepared by the CTPBG to operationalize the accountability principles contained in the 2009 Declaration of Asunción.

The index was developed in order to carry out a comparative analysis of the situation in the region regarding the availability of information on SAIs concerning what constitutes the essence of their work – the scope of control, the management and results of oversight – to identify good practices and opportunities for improvement.

This seeks to strengthen the accountability of SAIs to citizens so that the public, civil society organizations and other stakeholders are familiar with the information available and its usefulness, and as such are able to exercise adequate social oversight. Additionally the IDIGI-EFS makes it possible to identify and build good governance practices in the face of the challenge of monitoring SDGs.

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