In recent years OLACEFS has aligned its initiatives ever more closely with INTOSAI. It is in this context that the XXIV General Assembly in 2014, in Cusco, approved changing the period for the next OLACEFS Strategic Plan to 2017-2022, in order to coincide with INTOSAI’s.

Through the development of a thorough and participatory planning process, the basis for the next Strategic Plan was established, for which the following activities have been undertaken:

  • A questionnaire was put together and sent to all member SAIs and external partners. The answers received were consolidated.
  • Creation of a working group was promoted, made up of all the chairs of the bodies, the Presidency and the Executive Secretariat. This was approved by the governing board.
  • An activities schedule was approved, including two workshops, to develop a preliminary project.
  • The preliminary project will be presented for the consideration of the governing board and the general assembly.
  • An activities schedule was developed to be undertaken by the new Presidency, under the charge of Mexico’s SAI, in 2016.

The growing alignment with INTOSAI, respecting regional specificities, and the positive momentum experienced by OLACEFS will be maximised so that our regional group continues on track to becoming a model organisation and disseminator of innovation across the SAI community.

It was in this context that the working group to develop the new OLACEFS Strategic Plan for the 2017-2022 period, met for the second time, in the city of Queretaro, Mexico, on Friday, November 20, 2015. The group received financial support from the OLACEFS-GIZ project which also facilitated the recruitment of an international consultant to moderate and guide the group’s work.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Presidency, the Executive Secretariat and all the committees, commissions and working groups.

Please see the following report with the meeting’s outcomes, and pictures from the event:

Report on strategic planning process