The third session of the OLACEFS Webinar Cycle addressed the challenges of Renewable Energy in our region based on the findings of the Coordinated Audit on Renewable Energy led by the Federal Court of Accounts of Brazil (TCU).

Arlene Costa Nascimiento, Director of the Secretariat of the TCU Electric Power Infrastructure Audit, accompanied us to present the main findings of the Coordinated Audit. Ms. Costa presented the institution that participated in this coordinated effort and the relevance of control to the commitments that States adopt on environmental topics. In addition, she indicated that the main findings of this Audit include the lack of coordination in environmental policies, the lack of evaluation of the results of incentives, and technical and regulatory deficiencies. She also referred to good practices and some challenges. To learn more about the audit we invite you to review the following links:

Next, Mr. Máximo Pacheco spoke, who called attention to various aspects related to renewable energy. Among them, he warned about the use of resources to finance research and development around renewable energy. He added that power transmission is of fundamental importance for the development of this energy. Mr. Pacheco emphasized that the state has a key role to play in ensuring development and environmental protection, it must represent the common good; he added that the market is blind in relation to environmental protection and that robust public policies and legislation are required. Post-pandemic economic recovery cannot be done at the expense of the environment.

You can find the recording of the webinar and presentation of the panelist below:

Presentation by Arlene Costa

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