In view of the aim of the Strategic Development Plan(SDP) for the INTOSAI Framework for Professional Pronouncements (2017-2019) – to set up initiatives to migrate from the ISSAIs Framework to the new INTOSAI Framework for Professional Pronouncements (IFPP) – the presidencies of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC), Capacity Building Committee (CBC) and Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Services Committee (KSC) are starting a consultation process in preparation for the new 2020-2025 SDP.

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Along with being in line with the INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2022, the proposal intends to include the vision and considerations of INTOSAI members, bodies and stakeholders, and as such have a greater understanding of the needs of the auditors, their institutions and the work they perform, in order to provide individual pronouncements and an appropriate framework for the IFPP’s aim – to empower SAIs to offer high quality, relevant audits to the public, inspiring confidence and promoting transparency in public administration.”

For more information, please see the following reference documents:

Given the above, the presidencies of the PSC, CBC and KSC request that the following electronic questionnaires be answered before October 5, 2018:

SAI Consultation – Strategic Development Plan

Any documents, questions or comments on the subject on the subject should be sent to the PSC (