On Monday, 25 November, the podcast series Data for Development – Latin Voices on the potentials and risks of a development based on digital data – presents the interview with the Auditor General of the SAI of Argentina and President of the OLACEFS’ Commission on Information and Communications Technologies (CTIC), Dr. Francisco Javier Fernández, who talked about the new ODS.OLACEFS Application.

This series is a production of Red-LAC (State Sectorial Network and Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean), an initiative of the German Cooperation, through the GIZ.

From now on, every Monday, a new episode will be published until December 9 (in Spanish and Portuguese). All podcasts will be published on SoundCloud’s link, Red-LAC Podcasts.

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In this week’s episode, Francisco Fernández, Public Control expert, tells the details of the CTIC’s new initiative on the design and development of a Web and smartphone application that links the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the work carried out by SAIs through their reports.

Fernández comments on how the initiative came about and what the idea of the ODS.OLACEFS application was, as well as its functions and characteristics. In addition, he explained what is expected of benefits to the general public with the creation of such a device that, according to him, will help to better inform the population about the work of SAIs. “The fact of linking all the work we do in disseminating and publishing the audit reports linked to the SDGs will, in itself, improve the perception and visibility of the work of the SAIs, which must always have the improvement of society’s living conditions on their horizon,” Francisco Javier Fernández stressed.

Red-LAC’s Data for Development podcast series, launched on October 28, presents a range of Latin American experiences that allow listeners to immerse themselves in a world of questions relevant to our global future.

Every week, a new episode brings information about strategies implemented in Latin American countries to protect and empower citizens in the use, creation and distribution of digital data, as well as help to understand the specific challenges of different countries in Latin America that seek to promote digital transformation in a way that is sustainable, democratic, inclusive and respectful of human rights.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Latin American experts from the public, private and civil society sectors sharing their professional insights on the potentials and risks of a development based on digital data.

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Below, you can listen to the podcast about the ODS.OLACEFS application:

Podcast: Digital audit? ODS.OLACEFS application

Date: November 25

Interviewee: Auditor General of the SAI of Argentina and President of the CTIC, Dr. Francisco Javier Fernández

Duration: ± 15 min (every Monday until 12/9)