The video also includes the 58th OLACEFS Board of Directors Meeting

The audiovisual registry of the 58th Board of Directors Meeting and the 2014 OLACEFS Extraordinary General Assembly, both of which were held in Brasilia, Brazil on March 27, can now be found on the OLACEFS website.

Topics covered in the 58th OLACEFS Board Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting were as follows:


  1. Verification of quorum
  2. Consideration of Order of the Day
  3. Reading and where applicable approval of the minutes of the 57th Board of Directors Meeting
  4. Taking cognizance of the rejection of the substitution of the SAI of Dutch Antilles by the SAI of Curacao as a full member
  5. Pronouncement on the application of new members
  6. Extension of GTN effective term
  7. Approval of agreements on OLACEFS financial-accounting matters.
  8. Approval of the reform of the Membership Guide

To find out more about the event and see the audiovisual registry, please click on the following link: