The 3i program is designed to support the implementation of ISSAIs in the SAIs

On the 27th and 28th of March this year, the 3i program workshop for the management of OLACEFS SAIs was held at the headquarters of the Court of Accounts (TCU) in Brazil. The heads and representatives  of 20 OLACEFS SAIs attended, including the Presidency and Executive Secretariat of the organization and the Presidency of the OLACEFS Working Group for the Implementation of International Standards on Auditing (GTANIA).

The 3i Program is an initiative of INTOSAI, coordinated by its training body the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), that focuses on capacity building to enable the implementation of INTOSAI’s international standards on auditing (ISSAIs) for financial audit, compliance and performance. The program, aimed at the SAIs of developing countries, had the support of the World Bank.

The implementation of ISSAIs in Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the priorities of the current OLACEFS management, and also satisfies the interests of a number of the organization’s member SAIs. Putting this goal into practice is the first time the 3i Program has been implemented in non-English speaking countries.

The principle aims of this workshop – the first such activity carried out in the region – were to exchange experiences related to the implementation of ISSAIs, discuss the risks, challenges and other strategic aspects of their implementation, and present the ISSAI Compliance Assessment Tool (iCAT) which evaluates the level of compliance of audit tasks with those suggested by the ISSAIs.

More detailed coverage of the event will be included in the next OLACEFS newsletter.

Photographs of the event can be found here: