In order to promote capacity building among Supreme audit Institutions (SAI), the Capacity Building Committee, Subcommittee 2: Develop Advisory and Consultant Services has developed the INTOSAI Database of Experts and Specialists, aiming to help members and Regional Groups identify professionals from different SAIs with expertise in specific auditing fields. SAIs can contact these experts for knowledge sharing.

At present, relevant information of 75 experts has been registered into the Database. They have experience on different auditing fields such as financial, performance, environment, information technology, public works, and internal control, among others. Their expertise could contribute on the strengthening of capacities in benefit of the INTOSAI Community. In this regard, subcommittee 2, chaired by the SAI Peru, invites OLACEEFS member to register qualified professionals in government audit, retired or currently working, into the Database.

For this, we request SAIs from OLACEFS to appoint a liaison officer and authorize the registration of 2 or more qualified professionals. The appointed officer should send an email to, requesting his/her username and password. After receiving such information, they could access the database either to register or consult experts.

To the access INTOSAI Database of Experts and Specialists, enter this: