During the event a proposal was framed for the implementation of the system in Chile`s CGR

On Friday March 21, the “Workshop for the Implementation of the Pilot for the Knowledge Management System (SGC) in Chile`s CGR” came to an end with the formulation of a proposal for an implementation plan in the Comptroller General`s Office.

The workshop was coordinated by OLACEFS Executive Secretariat together with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GIZ), the Informatics Centre (CEI) and the Training Department of the Chilean CGR.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop the guidelines, procedures and schedules necessary for the implementation of SGC in Chile`s CGR, to develop a plan for raising awareness and training, and prepare tutors in the use of SGC and in counselling and training techniques, as well as obtaining feedback necessary for replicating the use of the platform in other Supreme Audit Institutions.

The OLACEFS project is one of international collaboration, developed by the Centre for Informatics of the CGR of Chile with the support of GIZ, the oversight entities of Colombia, Mexico and Peru, and the Executive Secretariat of the organization.

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