Contributions will be published in first edition of 2014

The OLACEFS Magazine requests that member SAIs, other regional organizations, cooperating agencies and external entities invited by OLACEFS, chair send articles for publication in the next edition of the OLACEFS Magazine. Articles written by the staff of OLACEFS member SAIs should be sent as an institutional communication via the OLACEFS link or through the division of their institution responsible for international relations.

Contributions must comply with the content criteria and formatting parameters set out in the document “How to publish articles in the OLACEFS Magazine”

The deadline for receiving contributions is April 9. 2014. Articles should be relevant to OLACEFS, bodies, its committees, commissions and work groups, and focus on areas of common interest to SAIs such as External Control, Public Administration, Comparative Public Law, Accounting, Finance and audits in the area of international cooperation.

For more information or for questions, emails can be sent to For direct contact please call the following:

  • Elsa Souto (Fono: +5561 3316.5987)
  • Enrique Villamil (Fono: +5561 3316.5483)

The link below provides further information: