Call for the participation of SAIs in the initial stage of the project.

The The Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices presents the Regional Implementation Plan 2014-2015 of the Tool for Self-Assessment for SAI Integrity (IntoSAINT). The aim of the plan is to define the actions to be taken for OLACEFS membership and provide general information on how to implement the Self-Assessment Model for Institutional Integrity (IntoSAINT) in SAIs from the region.

IntoSAINT is an innovative instrument that allows SAIs to analyse their integrity risks, assess the maturity level of their integrity management systems, strengthen institutional capacities and promote good governance.

IntoSAINT is an INTOSAI initiative that contributes to the implementation of ISSAI 30: Code of Ethics which promotes the leadership of SAIs by example, as stipulated by ISSAI 20: Principles of Transparency and Accountability, and whose application constitutes one of the elements set out in the Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF), specifically in the SAI-18 indicator “Ethics, Management  and Internal Control”. IntoSAINT also plays a role in the implementation of the OLACEFS Strategic plan, 2011-2015, as it reinforces Strategy 4, “Products”, of Target 1: “Model Organisation”.

To continue promoting this initiative in OLACEFS a call has been made for funding to set up Integrity Self-Assessment Workshops in SAIs in the region for 2014.

SAIs interested in holding an IntoSAINT workshop should make their intentions known and supply a brief description of the activities they believe will promote the dissemination and success of the initiative in their organization and in the region.

For more information, please see the attached request forwarded by the Superior Audit Office of Mexico, responsible for the implementation of IntoSAINT in the region from the thematic area Effective Strategies for Administrative Probity and the Prevention of Corruption of the CTPBG (Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices), as well as the Regional Implementation Plan, 2014-2015 for this initiative.

More information on IntoSAINT can be found here