Meeting will take place within the INCOSAI context

OLACEFS meeting in Beijing during the XXI INCOSAI – 2013

The OLACEFS Presidency invites all SAI members present at the next meeting of INCOSAI, to be held in the city of Beijing, China, to participate in a PARALLEL MEETING which will be carried out on October 25, 2013, from 17:00 to 19:00 hrs in the L1 Function Hall A..

The issues to be addressed during the meeting are:

1. Taking stock of XXI INCOSAI-2013, its main results, positive impacts and challenges for cooperation in the field of OLACEFS.

2. Planning coordinated audits to be conducted by the SAI of OLACEFS in 2014

President Nardes hopes to see you there to take advantage of the moment to strengthen organizational work.