The database aims to strengthen communication, cooperation and information exchange among SAIs .

In November 2010, the INTOSAI Board of Directors established the Task Force on Information Database with SAI members of the Organization , with the aim of providing specialized-date and relevant information regarding the SAIs of the entire world, such as organizational structure, administrative features, mandate and legal authority, and operation, as well as information about their communication and reporting methods, among others.

Taking into account the important contribution of the database, the Task Force developed an electronic tool in the five official INTOSAI languages: German, Arabic, Spanish, French and English. Note that this electronic tool is the result of a three-year effort by the members of the Task Force, who provided valuable input to enrich both the questionnaire and the electronic tool.

The methodology of the survey will permit obtaining both public information and hard data, based on facts, which facilitate statistical study based on the descriptive analyzes of the situation of each SAI. Thus, the INTOSAI community and the general public, will have a tool that will contribute to research and systematic comparison of EFS.

It is noteworthy that, in order to collect all the information needed by the SAI, the questionnaire consists of ten thematic areas:

1. General and Contact Information
2. Head of the FSA
3. Legal Framework and Scope of Work
4. Organization
5. Operation
6. International Cooperation
7. Capacity Building
8. Exchange of information, skills and knowledge
9. Transparency and Ethics, and
10. Public Relations, Communication and Outreach.