The adoption of ISSAIs represents a milestone in strengthening professional auditing standards for the public sector at a global level.

INTOSAI, through the South African Declaration on International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions, urged its members to use ISSAIs as a common framework for public sector auditing and implementing ISSAIs in accordance with the mandate and national regulations of the SAIs.

The INTOSAI Strategic Plan and the ISSAI Implementation Model, approved by the Board of Directors of INTOSAI in October 2011, established a mandate for the Development Initiative (IDI ) to: “support the implementation of the ISSAIs”. In fulfilling this mandate, the IDI has launched a capacity development program called ISSAIs Implementation (3i Program).

The first phase of this program will take place between 2012 and 2014. While program activities begin in the five regions of the English-speaking regions of  INTOSAI in 2012, the implementation in the remaining regions will begin in 2013.

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