Date Title/Description Download
2014 Quorum of the 59th Board of Directors Meeting pdf
2014 Summary Minutes of 59th Board of Directors Meeting pdf
2014 Full Minutes of 59th Board of Directors Meeting pdf
2014 Buenos Aires Resolution on the creation of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Combating Corruption – RLACC pdf
Date Title/Description Download
2014 Agenda for 59th Board of Directors Meeting pdf
2014 1.- Verification of quorum pdf
2014 2.- Consideration of agenda
2014 3.- Reading – and where appropriate approval of – minutes of the 58th Board of Directors Meeting pdf
2014 4.- Situation of the OLACEFS-GIZ Regional Programme
2014 5.- Monitoring of the management, adjustments to the AOPs and budget for 2014 (Chair and Executive Secretariat)
2014 a. Activities implemented as of April 30 (Executive Secretariat and opinion of C/C) pdf
2014 b. Possible adjustments to AOPs for 2014
2014 b.1. AOP proposal for CHAIR pdf
2014 b.2. AOP proposal for CCC pdf
2014 b.3. AOP proposal for CER pdf
2014 b.4. AOP proposal for CEDEIR pdf
2014 b.5. AOP proposal for GTANIA pdf
2014 b.6. AOP proposal for GTN pdf
2014 c. Prospects for 2015
2014 6.- Conclusions on use of Budgetary Flexibility Fund approved by the 23rd General Assembly
2014 7.- New sources of financing. Proposal for the self-generation of resources pdf
2014 8.- Starting work that allows for the formulation of the OLACEFS Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020
2014 9.- OLACEFS Communications Policy pdf
2014 10.- Guidelines for the competition to modernise the OLACEFS institutional logo (Executive Secretariat) pdf
2014 11.- Take cognizance of the approval criteria for projects of SAIs with greater needs. (Chair) pdf
2014 12.- Management Audit definitions  (Chair and Executive Secretariat)
2014 13.- Report on the incorporation of the Court of Accounts of the Municipalities of the State of Bahia as an affiliate member of OLACEFS (Chair). pdf
2014 14.- Accuracy regarding accounting for OLACEFS fixed assets pdf
2014 15.- Resolution on the creation of the Latin American Network for Combating Corruption pdf
2014 16.- Institution of the Americas Award pdf
2014 17.- Advances in the organization of the 24th OLACEFS General Assembly
2014 18.- Approval of the new Technical Committee on Accountability for Good Governance formed through the merger of the CEPAT and CTRC committees
2014 a. Naming of the new commission pdf
2014 b. Terms of reference of the commission pdf
2014 c. Business Plan 2014-2016 pdf
2014 19.- Submission of proposals by the Special Committee on the Review of the Charter and Regulations (CER) on the following issues:
2014 a.  On Structure: reformulation of the objectives of the CER, aligning the terms of reference to current regulations and identification of the Committee
2014 b. On activities: promotion of legal studies with an emphasis on Comparative Law and technical activities (face-to-face event and normative database)
2014 c. Opinions pending submission to the General Assembly: creation of a new category of OLACEFS member, reintroduction to the charter of a chapter on Rights and Duties of OLACEFS Members