From July 8 to 12, 2013, in the city of Lima, Peru, a course was held on the framework for the measurement of performance of the SAI’s, SAI-PMF, in order to instruct the OLACEFS SAIs on the implementation of this tool.

The course was attended by 41 professionals representing the SAIs of Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela and Chile, and representatives from the IDB.

For the first three days the workshop developed generic themes of the SAI-PMF tool:

  • Introduction and purpose of the tool: understanding the purpose and the way how the report can be used by the SAIs and its stakeholders.
  • The value and benefits of SAIS: the difference made in the lives of citizens.
  • Explanation and group work from 5 areas; explanation of the structure and design of the tool and development work.
  • Implementation of the framework of measurement in the two remaining areas: types of audits (performance, financial, and compliance).
  • Case study on indicators score
  • SAIs’ Performance Report, Executive Summary: objective, structure and individual work of the report.
  • How to carry out the evaluation of the SAI-FAQ: approach, quality assurance, stages of evaluation and use of the results.
  • Assessment and delivery of certificates: a certificate was given to each of the participants.

Two days after the workshop the course “Training the Trainers” was held. The course addressed the followin

  • Introduction to the trainers course: the aim was to provide participants with the basic skills required to effectively facilitate learning.
  • Presentation and discussion management skills: the value of preparation, variations of techniques, time management, practice and feedback.
  • Giving and receiving feedback: a process through which a person communicates their perceptions about the conduct of another.
  • Presentation by the participants: each of the participants had to give a 30 minute presentation on different facets of the SAI-PMF tool. This was followed by peer feedback.
  • Dynamics of debates.
  • The Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru together with the General Secretariat of the SAI gave a certificate to each of the participants.

Both courses were conducted according to plan,within the agreed timeframe and accomplishing the initial aim. This was verified by evaluations received from participants.

The course speakers appointed by the (IDI) INTOSAI development initiative were:

      • Horacio Saboia, SAI of Brazil
      • Carlos Cabral Figueiredo, SAI of Mozambique
      • Antonio Velasco, SAI of Argentina
      • Patricia Nazif, SAI of Chile
Date Title/Description Download
2013 SAI-PMF Training Program pdf
2013 Module 1 Introduction pdf
2013 Module 2 The value and benefits of SAIs pdf
2013 Module 3 Introduction to SAI Performance Management Framework pdf
2013 Module 4 Framework Implementation Part I pdf
2013 Module 5 Framework Implementation Part II pdf
2013 Module 6  Composing performance report pdf
2013 Module 7 Process for carrying out the UPS-PMF pdf
2013 Diagram Value and Benefits pdf
2013 Draft 3.0 Framework for SAI Performance Measurement pdf
2013 Launch Strategy Project 2013-16 PMF UPS pdf
2013 Sample Terms of Reference – Sierra Leone pdf
2013 Example format indicators and evidence summary pdf
Date Title/Description Download
2013 Train the Trainer Workshop Program pdf
2013 Module 8 Introductionn pdf
2013 Module 9 Presentation Skills pdf
2013 Module 10 Skills to Lead the Discussion pdf
2013 Module 11 Giving and Receiving Feedback pdf
2013 Module 12 Release Strategy pdf
2013 Example of Lessons Learned pdf
2013 Individual Presentations Example Feedback pdf