Date Title/Description Download
2013 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes OLACEFS LV pdf
2013 Attendance Roll of the LV Board of Directors pdf
2013 Transcription of the LV Session of the Board of Directors pdf
Date Title/Description Download
2013 1. General Agenda pdf
2013 2. Order of the day of the LV Board of Directors pdf
2013 3. LIV Board of Directors’ Minutes pdf
2013 4. Program XXIII Assembly pdf
2013 8. Audit Management Audit pdf
2013 9. Terms of Reference of the Public Works Group pdf
2013 10.a. Annual Operational Plan- Presidency pdf
2013 10.b. Annual Operational Plan – Executive Secretariat pdf
2013 10.c. Annual Operational Plan – CCR pdf
2013 10.d. Annual Operational Plan – CER pdf
2013 10.e. Annual Operational Plan – CTRC pdf
2013 10.f. Annual Operational Plan – CEPAT pdf
2013 10.g. Annual Operational Plan – CTIC pdf
2013 10.h. Annual Operational Plan CEDEIR pdf
2013 10.i. Annual Operational Plan CTPC pdf
2013 10.j. Annual Operational Plan – COMTEMA pdf
2013 10.k. Annual Operational Plan GTANIA pdf
2013 10.l. Annual Operational Plan GTN pdf
2013 10.m. Annual Operational Plan CITECC pdf
2013 10.1. Advance Planning pdf
2013 11. Financial Analysis pdf
2013 13.a. Accounting System pdf
2013 13.b. Knowledge Management System pdf