Date  Title/Description Download
2013 OLACEFS LIV Board of Directors Meeting Record pdf
2013 OLACEFS Headquartes and Executive Secretariat Transfer Record 2013-2018 pdf
2013 OLACEFS Presidency Transfer Record 2013-2015 OLACEFS pdf
2013 Brasilia Board of Directors Session Transcript pdf
2013 Attendance List, 54th Board Meeting pdf
Date  Title/Description Download
2013 LIV Board of Directors’ Agenda pdf
2013 2. Notice, Agenda, and Order of the Day, LIV Board of Directors pdf
2013 3. LIII Board of Directors’ Minutes, Brazil pdf
2013 4.2. CER Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.4. CCC Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.4a. CCC Presentation pdf
2013 4.5. CEDEIR Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.6. CEPAT Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.7. CTRC Annual Operating Plan 2013 pdf
2013 4.7a. CTRC Budget with priorities pdf
2013 4.7b. Consultancy Proposal pdf
2013 4.7c. Note 1-13 consultancy justification pdf
2013 4.8. Draft of COMTEMA Budget and Annual Operating Plan 2013 pdf
2013 4.9. CTIC Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.10. CTPC Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.11. SE Annual Operating Plan pdf
2013 4.12. Annual Operating Plan – Presidency pdf
2013 5.1. OLACEFS Divisions Budget Proposal 2013 pdf
2013 6a. Terms of Reference for the ISSAI Regulations Implementation Working Group pdf
2013 6b. Expressions of Interest pdf
2013 7a. Terms of Reference for the Manuals/Guides and Charter and Regulations Amendments Working Group pdf
2013 7b. Expressions of Interest pdf
2013 11. LIV Board of Directors various matters pdf
2013 11a. Terms of Reference of the Audit of Public Works Working Group pdf
2013 11b. Team invitation on gender issue follow up pdf
2013 11c. Progress report on the resolution to follow up issues of gender and transparency in the Supreme Audit of the Dominican Republic. pdf
2013 11d. Reincorporation of the Comptroller’s’ Office of Medellin. pdf
2013 11e. INTOSAI Application for Donor Cooperation pdf
2013 11f. INTOSAI Donor Cooperation regarding SAI performance measurement framework pdf