The LXI Meeting of the OLACEFS Governing Board, held in Santiago de Chile on April 7, 2015, concluded with the signing of a Motion of Appreciation  for the work of the Comptroller General of Chile and the OLACEFS Executive Secretary, Ramiro Mendoza, as his term helming Chile’s SAI comes to an end, and the respective advisors’ meeting minutes. The meeting was attended by delegations from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru, as members of the Governing Board, and the chairpersons of the CCC, COMTEMA, CPBG, GTANIA, GTOP, as well as delegations from Colombia and Uruguay and representatives from the CER, CTIC and Chile’s SAI in its capacity as Executive Secretariat and the meeting’s host.

The session opened with a presentation by the recently instated Chairman of the Court of Accounts of the Union of Brazil, Minister Aroldo Cedraz, who offered his vision for the work of the OLACEFS Presidency in 2015, opening the possibility for committees, commissions and working groups to make public their plans and projects for the year.

Amongst other important matters reviewed were the work schedule for the strategic planning process 2017 – 2022; the definition of the use of the support fund for SAIs with greater needs, approved by the XXIV General Assembly; adjustments to AOPs requested during the year; the new   OLACEFS Adminstrative and Accounting Procedures Manual and the Corporate Identitythe call to present Cooperation Projects; progress in the preparation of the OLACEFS-EUROSAI meeting and the XXV Assembly to be held in Queretaro, Mexico; different aspects of international cooperation (INTOSAI, GIZ, IDI, Eurosocial); the launch of the Knowledge Management System also, the new OLACEFS Wikipedia site was presented.

Please follow this link to access documents presented in the meeting as well as the quorum for the session, the Motion of Appreciation, the minutes and videos of the working sessions.