Next April 7, the LXI Meeting of the Governing Board of the Organisation of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) will be held at the premises of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile.

The meeting will be attended by the component parts of the governing board, namely the OLACEFS Presidency, held by Brazil’s SAI, and the Executive Secretariat run by Chile’s SAI, as well as the Supreme Audit Institutions acting as advisors – Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru. SAIs chairing Committees, Commissions and Working Groups have also been invited.

The meeting will deal with topics of interest to the OLACEFS community of SAIs, such as matters relating to organisational strategic planning for the 2017-2022 period, the review of activities to be implemented in 2015, the OLACEFS-GIZ Regional Support Programme, progress in the organisation of the VIII EUROSAI-OLACEFS Meetings, and the XXV OLACEFS Ordinary General Assembly, amongst other important matters.

Documents to be discussed at the meeting can be found below:

Documents LXI Meeting of Governing Board 2015

Title/Description Download
1. Verification of the Quorum pdf
2. Consideration of the Order of the Day pdf
3. Reading and approval of the minutes of the LX Meeting of the Governing Board. pdf
4. Presentation on prospects for OLACEFS in 2015. pdf
5. Report on OLACEFS Strategic Planning process (Strategic Plan 2017-2022). pdf
6. Resolutions on use of the Support Fund for SAIs with Greater Needs, approved by the XXIV General Assembly.a. Implementation of approval criteria for Projects for SAIs with Greater Needs. pdf
a. Applying approval criteria for the projects of SAIs with greater needs.
7. Follow-up for management and budget 2014, main activities 2015.
a. Management Report 2014 (Executive Secretariat); pdfpdf
b. Main activities 2015 (Pres/ES/C/C/WG): 5 minutes for each body.
– Presidency pdf
– CCC pdf
– CER pdf
– CEDEIR pdf
– Report of activities CER pdf
– Report of activities GTANIA pdf
c. Approval of Final Activities Report (2013 – 2014) for the Working Group “Manuals, Guides and Comments on the OLACEFS Charter and Regulations” (GTN) pdfpdf
d. Possible adjustments to 2015 AOPs. pdf
– Adjustments AOP CEDEIR pdf
– Adjustments AOP CTPBG pdf
– Adjustments AOP COMTEMA pdf
8. Approval of OLACEFS Administrative and Accounting Procedures Manual pdfpdf
9. Updates to the development of the OLACEFS-GIZ programme pdf
10. Report on the appeal by SAIs in the region for projects to be financed by international cooperation. pdfpdf
11. Report and guidelines on the EUROSAI-OLACEFS meetings (Quito, Ecuador, June 24-26).
12. Report and guidelines on the XXV OLACEFS General Assembly (Mexico City, Mexico, November 23-27) pdf
a. Technical Session
b. Annual Fair for OLACEFS Bodies
13. Report on cooperation with INTOSAI.
a. OLACEFS-IDI (Pres) pdf
b. Peer review of Independence pdf
14. Report on content and social networks management. pdf
15. Approval of the OLACEFS Corporate Identity Manual. pdf
16. Proposed repeal of transitory articles 3 and 4 of the Regulations of the OLACEFS Charter. pdf
17. Report on the OLACEFS Knowledge Management System. pdf
18. News on the EUROsociAL Programme.
a. Reiterate criteria for the organisation of OLACEFS face-to-face events (SE). pdf
b. Statement of SAIs with debts pending (ES) pdfpdf
c. Request to the CTPC to present the Final Report on the Coordinated Audit on Gender Issues at the XXV. pdf