The aim is to identify needs and supply in the area of professional development

The objective of the OLACEFS Capacity-Building Committee (CCC) is to contribute to the strengthening and modernisation of SAIs through the development of capacities and strengthening of professional and institutional competences. In order to achieve this goal in 2015, the CCC requests that the “Detecting Needs and Identifying Supply” tool, which be downloaded at the bottom of this page, be completed.

This tool has been developed with the aim of identifying the needs and supply within OLACEFS SAIs with regards to professional development activities (training or practical learning), in order to formulate together, and in a timely manner, activities to be developed in 2015.

The duly completed tool should be sent to, copying to and

The deadline for filling in the tool is Friday, November 14, 2104.

The document can be downloaded here: