To take place on Tuesday, September 16 from 15:00 (Argentinean and Chilean time)

All OLACEFS members are invited to take part next Tuesday, September 16 at 15:00 (Argentinean and Chilean time) in a new webinar called “Innovative projects for engaging with citizens”.

The SAIs of Costa Rica and Paraguay will present their development initiatives as part of the OLACEFS-GIZ Programme, together with the cooperation of the Civil Association for Equality and Justice, ACIJ.

The webinar is being convened by the Chair of the OLACEFS Technical Committee on Citizen Participation, with the aim of creating a space to present and discuss projects relating to civil society, in line with regional standards for public participation reaffirmed by the Declaración de Santiago (OLACEFS, 2013).

For more information we invite you to visit the page where more in-depth information on the project can be found.

To take part in this webinar, please follow this link on the day and at the time stipulated: No prior registration is necessary.