As part of the Institutional Strengthening Programme arising from the agreement between OLACEFS and the German Cooperation, implemented by GIZ, theKnowledge Management System (KMS) is being developed, allowing for the systematic transfer of knowledge and experience amongst its members and serving as input for improving the performance of member SAIs in matters of fiscal control and governance.

This tool allows for the creation of an institutional memory for OLACEFS through the gathering of intellectual capital from SAIs, in order to enhance the flow of knowledge amongst OLACEFS members and hone the capacities of SAI professionals, facilitating the availability and accessibility of information in the KMS. The system records information in three categories: Fiscal Control, Public Governance and Info Centre.

In March this year, workshops were launched and conducted with the coordination and planning of the OLACEFS Executive Secretary, the Capacity Building Committee (CCC) and interested SAIs.

The workshops were planned and moderated by OLACEFS-GIZ consultant Dr. Helmuth Bublatzky of AMBERO, and the project manager of Chile’s CGR, Walter Paredes, in coordination with the Executive Secretariat.

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