The project seeks to improve audit work between OLACEFS members.

At the last INTOSAI Congress (21st INCOSAI), held in China, the Presidency submitted to INTOSAI Donors a project for implementing the 3i programme in OLACEFS.

The main objective of the project – which is already running – is to  improve audits and the audit products of beneficiary SAIs in the region. It also aims to strengthen the use of international auditing standards so that SAIs can advance public governance and transparency in their countries.

The 3i programme is a comprehensive IDI Iinitiative to develop capacities to support the implementation of ISSAIs -standards that guide the practice of the government auditing profession worldwide, covering the disciplines of financial audit, compliance and performance. Its first phase was launched for English-speaking SAIs in 2012 and this project aims to apply them within OLACEFS.

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