The XXVI OLACEFS Ordinary General Assembly held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from October 17 -21 was a great success, presenting a number of important future challenges for the organization and its members.

Work started on Monday, October 17 with the LXIV Board of Directors Meeting. A number of matters were looked at that were later brought to the attention of the administrative General Assembly, in some cases for decision making. This was an opportunity for the various organs of OLACEFS to report and account for their actions over the year and for the presentation in detail of the proposed organizational Strategic Plan for 2017-2022, along with other issues of importance to the entity’s running. For details of discussions and decisions, please see the minutes of the respective meeting (click here).

The substantive work of the annual meeting took place on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19, when two important technical issues were tackled, namely “SAIs and their contribution to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” and “Preventing Fraud Risk in Financial Statements and Managing Fiscal Risk”.

The Court of Auditors of Brazil took on the preparation of the SDGs issue. Addressing this matter included a presentation of the compiled views of various OLACEFS member SAIs, followed by a panel discussion with interesting presentations by Aroldo Cedraz de Oliveira, President of the Court of Auditors of Brazil; by Gijs de Vries, Professor Emeritus at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); Jorge Marcelo Palermo, International Consultant and senior UNDP associate; and from Brazil’s SAI Carlos Eduardo Lustosa Da Costa, Director of the Environment Department, and Rafael Jardim Cavalcante, Secretary of Special Infrastructure Operations.

The SAIs of Guatemala and Mexico spearheaded the topic of fiscal risk, where the conclusions of work conducted to gather OLACEFS perspectives was followed by a panel discussion with the participation of Juan M. Portal, Auditor General of Mexico and President of OLACEFS; Carlos Enrique Mencos Morales, Comptroller General of Guatemala; Xiomara A. Morel, leading expert in Financial Management and Governance for Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank; Ricardo Miranda Burgos, Director General of Economic Analysis and Research at the Superior Audit of Mexico; Guillermo H. Casal, CIA/CFE, International Consultant in Risk Management and Fraud Prevention and Detection; Carlos Enrique López Gutiérrez, Director of Audit for the Health and Social Security Sector of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Guatemala.

For both issues the technical panels were followed by roundtable discussions where heads of OLACEFS member SAIs and their advisors were able to discuss earlier talks in depth and present good practices and lessons learned from each country on the issues under discussion. Two documents of conclusions and recommendations resulted from the roundtables, which SAIs will be able to adapt to their own realities.

For the Conclusions and Recommendations on Technical Item No. 1 – SAIs and their contributions to achieving the SDGs, please click here.

For the Conclusions and Recommendations on Technical Item No. 2 – Preventing Fraud Risk in Financial Statements and Managing Fiscal Risk, please click here.

The Administrative Assembly took place on Thursday, when all OLACEFS members met to discuss the organization’s administrative work. Important decisions were taken, such as choosing Bolivia’s SAI as a new Board member; approval of the 2015 financial statements; approving the new 2017 – 2022 Strategic Plan; taking on Brazil’s Court of Auditors of Alagoas as a new Associate Member. Steps were also made for OLACEFS to join the ECLAC Forum for Latin American and Caribbean Countries on Sustainable Development. To see the decisions taken by the General Assembly in detail, please check the minutes of the meeting, here.

Videos of the various working sessions will soon be posted on the organization’s youtube channel.

For the working papers, background and photos of the event, please go to the following pages:

XXVI General Assembly and LXIV Board of Directors Meeting