Within the context of the INTOSAI/Regions Coordination Platform, for the second consecutive year, the 2nd Round Table on Work of Regions was held, which, this year, was led by OLACEFS, represented by the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile in its role as Executive Secretariat.

The activity took place on May 21st in Cape Town, South Africa, and its objective was to strengthen coordination between the different INTOSAI regional organizations through the identification of common problems, solutions and areas of collaboration among them.

In order to carry out this work, the various representatives of the INTOSAI Regions (in addition to some sub-regional groups), worked with a Mini Innovation Toolkit prepared and made available by the Executive Secretariat, through which they were given access to the description and details of the use of different design thinking tools, so that later, through practical work, they could apply ideation techniques in the search for creative solutions to face the current challenges of the SAIs.

In the following links you can access the Mini Innovation Toolkit, which, through a structure of consecutive steps, allows you to use innovative tools to find solutions to the problems and challenges of SAIs: