The OLACEFS Newsletter is a compilation of noteworthy stories, covering news and the organisation’s work as well as issues relating to linked international bodies such as INTOSAI.

The newsletter aims to contribute to OLACEFS’ internal and external communication by spreading knowledge of the work of members and working bodies, and the intercommunication between INTOSAI and other stakeholders related to government auditing.

In the 20th edition, the SAIs of Ecuador, Paraguay, El Salvador, Colombia, Cuba and Honduras, and the Comptroller’s Office of Medellin (Colombia) have reported on activities of bilateral and regional cooperation. Nicaragua’s SAI meanwhile has shared its new strategic plan, whilst the SAIs of Peru and Bolivia introduce their new heads.

In the section covering news on agencies and regional projects, topics discussed at the LXIII OLACEFS board meeting held in Mexico in May 2016 are included, as are issues such as the handover ceremony of the OLACEFS presidency and the points of agreement concerning the terms of collaboration with Associate Members.

Concerning the XXVI Ordinary General Assembly, an invitation was sent to member SAIs and the registration period was opened on the website developed by the SAI of the Dominican Republic.

The CER offers information on the number of participants for OLACEFS 2016 Research Competition. The CCC meanwhile presents the results of its annual meeting and a summary of the Training Needs Assessment, the courses that will be given during the second half of the year and an invitation to the Innovation Workshop to be held shortly.

The CTIC reports on progress made in the first half of the year. The CTPBG highlights the call for the Regional Contest “Recovering Values 2016″ and the IntoSAINT workshops. It also details progress made with the Internal Control Index tool (ICI).

CEDEIR has published the results of the implementation of the Performance Measurement Framework (SAI-PMF) in the SAIs of Honduras and Peru. COMTEMA presents the progress made on the Coordinated Environmental Liabilities Audit and GTOP on the Coordinated Road Works Audit.

An article on the new OLACEFS-GIZ Memorandum of Understanding on environmental matters has also been included. Additionally, progress concerning the 3i programme in the region is detailed.

In the section on relevant issues in other agencies, the progress of preparations for the XXII INTOSAI Congress is mentioned as well as the results of the 13th PSC meeting, and an invitation is made to OLACEFS SAIs to provide input to the Draft INTOSAI Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.

The status of the SAI-PMF is also outlined and an invitation is made to read IDI FOCUS, the INTOSAI Journal. The new head of INTOSAI’s General Secretariat is also introduced.

Some of the results Integrity Week – an initiative organised by the OECD – are outlined, and information on the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg is given. Finally, an updated schedule for the second half of the year is included.

The OLACEFS Chair welcomes the wide participation of the regional community. We invite you to collaborate by writing to