In the context of the XXV General Assembly in Queretaro, Mexico, on November 25, 2015, the Organisation of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) signed a cooperation agreement with the Civic Action Corporation Corporación Acción Ciudadana Colombia (AC-Colombia) to strengthen good governance in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The cooperation agreement formalises the interest of both organisations in significantly encouraging initiatives geared towards creating and using tools for applying the accountability principles of the 2009 Asuncion Declaration, developed as part of the study “Supreme Audit Institutions and Accountability; Creating Common Ground for Strengthening External Control in Latin America” and approved in agreement 1115/11/2014  at the LX OLACEFS Governing Board Meeting and facilitating the leadership of SAIs and the involvement of academia, government institutions, the legislative sector, oversight bodies, the media, international cooperation and civic organisations and citizens, in implementing good governance practices in Latin America.

The activities planned for the realization of this cooperation agreement will provide OLACEFS and the Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices (CTPBG, in particular, technical support in order to strengthen the professional and methodological capabilities of OLACEFS members in a process of connecting with the public and other interested parties with regard to the creation of public value and knowledge management in the area of good governance practices.

AC-Colombia is a civil organisation with 20 years of experience in institutional redesign, focusing on implementing strategies for fostering communication between state agencies and citizens and designing and implementing methodologies and pedagogies for the exercise of good governance through innovative programmes in the field of human development in contexts of high social complexity. At present AC-Colombia is working on “Citizens and Fiscal Control“, aimed at improving the technical quality of institutional control through the establishment of collaborative partnerships between social sectors and interest groups, audited entities and external oversight entities focused on issues of citizen participation in fiscal control and institutional accountability.

The agreement was signed by Minister Aroldo Cedraz de Oliverira, President of Brazil’s Court of Accounts and Prseident of OLAEFS, and Patricia Arriagada Villouta, acting Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, and by Luis Fernando Velasquez Leal, Executive Director of AC-Colombia. Miriam Beatriz Insausti, advisor to the National Audit Office of Argentina, attended as a representative of the CTPBG presidency.

The agreement will have an initial duration of two years until November 25, 2017.

To see the full agreement please click below:

Framework Agreement between OLACEFS and AC-Colombia