“The future I aim for as head of the controlling body for governmental oversight of the State of Bolivia, is to position it in the short and medium term as an entity that actively contributes to strengthening governance with integrity, and that the Bolivian people perceive it as being based on the essential qualities of professionalism, honesty, dependability and respect, qualities that will be achieved through the commitment of those working in the organization, regarded as role models amongst public officials and in whom, as such, I have great confidence.” (Words of the Comptroller General of the State of Bolivia).

In the context of the INTOSAI International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs), the Office of the Comptroller General of the State of Bolivia, held a three-day Self-Assessment of Integrity (IntoSAINT) workshop, from November 22 – 24, 2016, in order to ensure that the elements of governance reflect the needs of society. The workshop was supported by two moderators from the region, both certified in the methodology: Dr. Jorge Rodriguez Pereira of Uruguay’s SAI, and Roberto Careaga Tintel of Paraguay’s SAI.

During the self-assessment workshop the moderators promoted the active participation of a select group of public officials from the SAIs to conduct a risk analysis for integrity, as well as assessing the maturity level of the oversight system for integrity in place. The moderators then issued recommendations to the institution for improving integrity management in the organization.

“I am pleased that the Comptroller Office of Bolivia has taken the decision to conduct this self-assessment, given that the processes he is responsible for are sensitive to violations of integrity. The first step of making recommendations has been completed and it is now time to make a plan of action; it should be emphasized that no comptroller’s office in the region can say it is perfect in terms of integrity, however the SAI of Bolivia is amongst the best and as such we ask them to take the recommendations in a spirit of trust and commitment” (Words of Jorge Rodriguez, Uruguay)

The experience in the SAI of Bolivia also served to help understand even more precisely the importance of adopting comprehensive management in organizations and of leading by example and fostering improvement in state agencies that are subject to SAI control.

Bolivia’s SAI joins a number of other OLACEFS institutions that have found value and benefits in this tool, from which positive impact can be expected in the short-, medium- and long-term.