The SAI of Peru, in its capacity as Presidency of the OLACEFS, is pleased to announce that a new edition of the Auditing Magazine is now available. This is an annual publication that presents research articles on issues of government control and auditing, prepared by constituents of the full and associate member SAIs of the Regional Organization.

This new edition presents research articles from the SAIs of Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic and the associate member of Tocantins (Brazil), which motivates and encourages us to continue promoting the participation of full and associate members of OLACEFS in the activities of our organization.

The Auditing Magazine promotes the exchange of knowledge and is committed to disseminating research, both within OLACEFS and with civil society, on matters of higher audit and government control, on specific topics such as the 2030 Agenda, citizen participation, the fight against corruption, big data, public works, and public-private partnerships, among others.

Below, you can access the 25th edition of the Auditing Magazine.

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