The New Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru takes Office

On Thursday June 9, 2016, Certified Public Accountant Edgar Alarcón Tejada was sworn in as Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru for the period 2016-2023.

Edgar Alarcón Tejada, who served as Deputy Comptroller from 2013-2016, has 19 years of experience in the SAI of Peru and is an expert in government control and governance. He had previously served as a Finance Manager, General Manager, Central Operations Manager and Specialized Audit Manager in Peru’s SAI.

Amongst his achievements he increased the number of audits, managed the process of incorporating heads and staff for the Institutional Control Bodies into the Office of the Comptroller to ensure its independence and autonomy, he led preventive control operations nationwide to improve the delivery of public services and actively participated in Decentralized Public Hearings, promoting citizen participation.

AGN Chooses new Chairman for the Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices

The College of Auditors General of Argentina chose Jesús Rodríguez as Chairman of the OLACEFS Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices(CTPBG).

Jesús Rodriguez is an economist with a master’s degree in International Relations and International Economic Negotiations and was appointed Auditor General last April 6.

He has worked intensively in the public arena, including his time as Conventional Constituent National, National Deputy on several occasions and Minister of Economy of the Nation. He is also a member of the Presidential Council of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights; the Administrative Board for the Centre for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth; the Argentine Council for International Relations, and the Committee for Administration and Finance of the Socialist International.

His interest in control and good governance for strengthening democracy resulted in the the publication of various articles including: “Fiscal policy for the consolidation of democracy in Latin America”; “The role of the legislature in Argentina’s budget process (1984-2004)”; “The role of the legislature in budget control – the Argentine experience”; “The role of the legislature in budget control – the Argentine experience seen comaparitively”.