The work that has been ongoing since early 2014 and led to the first coordinated audit on matters of equality and equity in OLACEFS, was formalised through the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the heads of the SAIs of Chile, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico – Ramiro Mendoza, Marta Acosta and Yesmín Valdivieso respectively.

Gender equality and equity in supreme auditing was first promoted in the meeting “Gender and Transparency in Supreme Audit”, held in Santo Domingo in April 2012 when the Declaration of Santo Domingo was signed. Prior to this meeting, a number of linked events and activities included putting together a team to monitor the matter of gender and transparency in supreme audit; a workshop to formulate the “short- and medium-term action plan on gender and transparency in SAIs 2013/2016”, organised by the OLACEFS Technical Commission on Citizen Participation; the Memorandum of Understanding between OLACEFS and UN Women to establish a cooperation framework in areas of common interest which allowed for the incorporation of the gender perspective in supreme audit. All the above served as a basis for, and a path to, arriving at the memorandum and the consequent coordinated audit on matters of gender equality and equity.

For the purposes of this coordinated audit, based on their expert criteria each participating SAI selected the subject or programme, linked to gender equality and equity, to be analysed. Also, each SAI will identify and present the results of a set of indicators related to the thematic areas of education, health and employment, in the framework of international agreements.

In this context, as well as meeting the specific aims of this audit the intention is to better fulfil the international commitments of participating countries concerning gender equality and equity and strengthen the positioning of this issue at OLACEFS level.

Please click on the following link to see the signed accord: here