The Governance Network of Brazil is a collaborative and technically qualified forum composed of public officials, professors and experts who work together to disseminate good practices of Governance in the country’s public sector and seeks to consolidate the effectiveness in delivering results of public service to society.

Faced with the current scenario caused by the pandemic, the Governance Network of Brazil has devoted its efforts to the realization of Webinars that promote enriching debates on the topic of governance. The full agenda of the organized events is available on the group’s website, via the link below:

On June 7, the Governance Network of Brazil completed one year of important work aimed at improving governance at the federal, municipal and district levels. To celebrate this date, the Ambassador of the Network and Minister of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU – Brazil), Min. Augusto Nardes, spoke by means of a video about the importance of this work and the significant achievements so far. To see the speech, please log in here.

We invite all those interested in governance to learn more about this initiative.