The 71st meeting of the INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting will be held on November 15 and 16 in Moscow, Russia. Topics to be discussed will include the contribution and role of SAIs in the implementation of SDGs, and INTOSAI’s communication.

Also up for discussion are the reports of the INTOSAI Presidency and General Secretariat, reports on the Strategic Objectives, committee and commission reports, and the progress reports of the INTOSAI regional groups.

In accordance with the above, the OLACEFS Executive Secretariat prepared the regional report and a video summary, highlighting initiatives carried out or being implemented that have contributed to strengthening SAIs from the region between October 2017 and September 2018:

  1. The expansion of capacity building services with the systematic implementation of classroom courses, virtual courses, internships, coordinated audits, special seminars, peer reviews and technical visits;
  2. Strengthening capacity building processes by conducting training needs assessments among SAIs in the region, and formulating a training plan for OLACEFS based on the educational activities from ISO standard 10015;
  3. Fostering the use of IT through the promotion of the OLACEFS portal, the execution of a large number of virtual courses and the prioritization of virtual meetings that have completely replaced face-to-face meetings for administrative matters;
  4. Follow-up on the implementation of the OLACEFS 2017 – 2022 strategic plan, which is strongly aligned with the new INTOSAI strategic plan;
  5. Fostering collaborative work with citizens, in order to improve knowledge of the products and services offered by SAIs.

For detailed information on the OLACEFS Executive Secretariat’s report, please follow the link:

OLACEFS-SE 64-2018 Letter OLACEFS report 71st INTOSAI GB

OLACEFS Activities Report Video for 71st INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting

You can also go to:

Program of the 71st INTOSAI Governing Board Meerting

Program for the 71st INTOSAI Governing Board Meerting