The eighth session of the OLACEFS Webinar Cycle, which took place on August 26, aimed to generate a debate regarding the use of analysis of large databases or macro data (Big Data Analysis), as well as the use of artificial intelligence in the development of government audits in the OLACEFS Region.

It is a reality that technology, digitalization, the intelligent use of large databases and artificial intelligence tools have become part of central aspects in the management of organizations. In this context, SAIs cannot stay on the sidelines. Therefore, the session presented different perspectives on the use of these analytical tools, explained the advantages and uses of big data in government audits, as well as the limitations that may exist when carrying out this approach in practice.

In that sense, Lourdes Sanchez, Senior Specialist in Financial Management at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), presented the IDB’s experience in the development and use of new technologies, especially presenting the LUCA robot, which, through artificial intelligence tools, can save up to 80% of time in the analysis and evaluation of financial reports that the bank issues to evaluate financing requests.

From the perspective of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), the experiences developed in this matter by the Region’s SAIs were shared in the webinar. In fact, Carlos Mamede, General Auditor of External Control of the Federal Court of Accounts of the Union of Brazil, shared the experience of this institution in relation to the integrated analysis of data for the evaluation of government management, as well as the challenges that this approach presents in the detection of irregularities in the use of public resources. Additionally, he presented the experience called D Day (Data Day), which was an event to present the results obtained by the TCU in terms of massive data analysis, where the main stakeholders, the press, citizens and auditors were present.

Finally, Emilo Barriga, Special Auditor of Federalized Expenditure of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation of Mexico, shared the experience developed in relation to the implementation of a “Digital Mailbox” system used during audit projects remotely, and implemented within the framework of service of audits during the Pandemic, using artificial intelligence, machine learning and network analysis to identify the links between suppliers, public entities and people that were prohibited by law.

The presentations shared by the exhibitors, in addition to the webinar video, are available below:

Presentation by Lourdes Sánchez

Presentation by Carlos Mamede

Presentation by Emilo Barriga

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