In these difficult times, due to the crisis caused by COVID-19, the implementation of the SDGs is more crucial than ever.

The IDI SDG Audit Model (ISAM) will assist SAIs by offering an independent external view of SDG implementation and contributing to positive results through the interweaving of SDG principles (consistency, integration, leaving no one behind, and multi-stakeholder engagement) with an audit process pursuant to ISSAI standards.

Pursuant to the above, through cooperation with the IDI, a pilot version of the ISAM model is being implemented in OLACEFS through the Cooperative Audit of Sustainable Public Procurement (linked to SDG 12.7) using data analysis. This audit will also analyze issues related to sustainable public procurement during emergencies such as the one presented by COVID-19.

We take this opportunity to inform that OLACEFS, through a task force attached to the Capacity Building Committee (CCC), is in the final stage of preparing a Methodological Guide on Tools to Audit the Implementation of the SDGs, which will be used in future coordinated audits of the Organization and which will also be available to all member SAIs for its use. This task force includes experts from Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and a consultant from the United States, thanks to the support of the GIZ

To download the document, go to: IDI SDG Audit Model (ISAM)

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