The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) has been supporting SAIs in the implementation of International Auditing Standards for SAIs (ISSAIs), through the ISSAI Implementation Initiative (3i program). The aim of the program is to encourage SAIs to carry out auditing practices in accordance with ISSAIs, to which end a number of strategies have been determined, including the development and updating of 3i products such as ISSAI implementation manuals, needs detection tools (iCAT) and their manuals, and quality assurance tools for financial, performance and compliance audits.

In this context IDI has developed a new Implementation Manual for financial audit ISSAIs, replacing the previous one. A draft version has been made available to the OLACEFS community so that pertinent comments can be made. Please click here to see the manual.

Kindly send any comments on the new manual to ktenzin@idi by July 24, 2018.

Thank you in advance for your support with this initiative.