The fourth session of the OLACEFS Webinar cycle was held successfully and with more than a thousand people connected.

The webinar began with a speech from Mr. Jesús Rodríguez, President of the General Audit Office of the Argentine Nation (AGN) and the Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices (CTPBG), who reflected on the future of the region with regard to governance. The President of the AGN and the CTPBG drew attention to the crisis of confidence in the institutions that has taken hold with regard to COVID-19 and the principles that should guide the actions of the SAIs in this context. Among these principles, he mentioned the relevance of a causal relationship between the strength of institutions and economic-social results and that, in presidential systems that prevail in Latin America, accountability is essential, not only vertically, but also horizontally.

Dr. Frédéric Boehm of the Division for Public Integrity of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) then spoke. Dr. Boehm gave his presentation around four points: trust, integrity, transparency and the role of SAIs. His analysis revolved around how the structural vulnerabilities that already existed have been accentuated by the pandemic, leading to an increase in the risk of corruption, and how SAIs have a more important role than ever to, among other things, address the systemic challenges throughout the policy cycle and ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are not forgotten as the government plans and implements the responses to the crisis.

You can find the recording of the webinar and presentation of the panelist below:

Presentation Frédéric Boehm

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