As part of a series of webinars on “Good Regional Practices, Challenges and Lessons Learned in the Implementation of ISSAIs, developed in 2017 by the OLACEFS Presidency under the administration of Mexico’s SAI, in conjunction with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), the whole OLACEFS community is invited to participate in a webinar on “Progress and Results of the 3i Program in the Region”, to be held on August 22 from 9.00 to 10.30 am (Mexico City time).

The aim of these virtual meetings is to provide a forum where SAIs and OLACEFS’ strategic partners can share progress, challenges and experiences identified during the ISSAI implementation process, with OLACEFS member SAIs.

This virtual event is aimed at Senior Management, Certified 3i Program Facilitators, and auditors and operational staff of OLACEFS member SAIs who make decisions or perform functions relating to the institutional implementation of ISSAIs.

The SAI of Costa Rica and IDI will participate in the session, with Peru’s SAI moderating.

To access the webinar, please enter the platform on the date and at the time shown at the following link:

Please click on the link below for material on the session “Challenges encountered during the ISSAI implementation process” from July 21, with speakers from the World Bank and the SAI of Mexico and moderation provided by the Dominican Republic’s SAI.

  1. Webinar Minutes.
  2. Summary of the three webinars held to date (including themes, aims, link to the recording of the session, speakers and contact details, summary of presentations).
  3. Updated document on main subject areas of questions from the OLACEFS community.
  4. Presentation of World Bank – SAIs: Standards and Institutional Strengthening for Development.
  5. Presentation by the SAI of Mexico – Good Practices and Challenges for the ISSAI implementation process.