As part of the actions aimed at planning the Coordinated Audit on Governance Structures for the Comprehensive Management of Mining Environmental Liabilities, CA MEL, the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, acting as chair of the OLACEFS Public Works Audit Working Group, launched the Planning and Training Workshop, which will take place between June 8 and 19, 2020. The objective of the workshop is to train participating officials in the concepts associated with innovation and application of technology in corrective management of the MELs.

This virtual workshop will be attended by 15 SAIs of the OLACEFS and arises following the cancellation of the face-to-face workshop, scheduled for the week of last March 17 to 21, due to the global health crisis. In that sense, the workshop responds to the joint effort of our officials to adapt the methodologies of coordinated audits to the current health circumstances that affect the planet due to the spread of COVID-19.

In this way, it is focused on the review of technical and methodological information associated with the understanding of concepts related to the comprehensive management of Mining Environmental Liabilities (MELs) in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the correct understanding and construction of the Planning Matrix, which allows participating SAIs to initiate the execution of the coordinated audit based on a planning, knowledge and a common language that ensures its success.

Specifically, the virtual workshop involved developing an electronic platform, structured in 12 modules, where participating auditors can review technical and methodological material for the development of the coordinated audit. In this context, it provides access to audiovisual material in which experts and the Coordinating Team of the CGR of Chile provide tools for the execution of national audits that will serve as inputs for the preparation of consolidated reports at the regional level.

Below is an informative video about the CA MEL: