The INTOSAI Development Initiative IDI has opened the position of OLACEFS Manager of Capacity Development to international applicants.

IDI is a non-profit organization which acts as secretariat for capacity building for the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions INTOSAI, and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Its aim is to improve the institutional capacity of SAIs in developing countries through training, exchange of knowledge and capacity building via development programs based on addressing needs and of a sustainable and cooperative nature.

The Office of the Auditor General of Norway, OAGN has hosted IDIsince 2001, in line with the Norwegian Parliaments approval and the Resolution of the XVI INTOSAI Congress of 1998. The Initiative is organized as a foundation under Norwegian law and has a Governing Board, a Secretariat, the INTOSAI-Donors Secretariat and the IDI Advisory Committee.

The OLACEFS Manager of Capacity Development (MCD) is a member of the IDICapacity Building Team. The OLACEFS MCD is responsible for planning, resourcing, implementing and monitoring, along with reporting on IDI capacity development programs in OLACEFS in accordance with IDI’s Strategic and Operational Plans. The MCD may also manage other regional or global programs. They will ensure that the programs follow IDI’s service delivery model and deliver outputs and outcomes that contribute to the achievement of IDI’s aims and strategic priorities. The MCD will also be responsible for ensuring that all applicableIDI rules and regulations are met.

The OLACEFS MCD will also be IDI’s key link with a variety of stakeholders in OLACEFS and work with internal capacity development projects.

To find out more about the process, please click on the following link:

Link to vacancy announcement

Link for applying for post