El The Working Group for the Implementation of International Audit Standards in OLACEFS’ SAIs (“GTANIA”) informs the OLACEFS community of activities carried out in the period 2014 to the present date.

1.    Induction Course on the INTOSAI Regulatory Framework

As part of the work of the ISSAI Awareness Raising Strategy, a virtual induction course on the INTOSAI Regulatory Framework (version 2.0) was held on the OLACEFS website. The course took place between October 6 and November 14, 2014, and was attended by 438 officials from 15 SAIs in the region.

The aim of the initiative was to contribute to homogenising the knowledge base in the region regarding the relevance of the International Standards of SAIs (ISSAI), the work of INTOSAl, its regulatory framework and classification principles, and the relevance of the international standards for OLACEFS. The course also served to familiarise participants with the work of GTANIA, the ISSAI and the 3i Programme.

Training courses giving guidance on the scope of ISSAIs for the first three levels of the INTOSAI Regulatory Framework are planned for 2015

2.    INTOSAI Regulatory Framework – Review of ISSAI 30

The SAIs of the United States, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal and the UK, led by the SAI of Poland, make up the team charged to conduct a review of ISSAI 30: “Code of Ethics”. This work fulfils the mandate of the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee (PSC) to ensure through periodic reviews the validity of the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs), as laid down by the PSC Steering Committee in 2013.

The main aims of the review are as follows:

  • Shifting from the perspective of an individual auditor to the SAI perspective.
  • Align contents to other relevant ISSAIs.
  • Ensure consistency with stakeholder principles such as the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), and other public sector principles.
  • Consider monitoring compliance with ethical requirements, and inclusion of ethics management and control.
  • Update terminology.
  • Improve clarity of the document through consistent headings / numbering / paragraphs etc.

The new version of ISSAI 30 will be presented at the XXII INCOSAI, to be held in the United Arab Emirates in 2016.

Level 4 (General Auditing Guidelines) – Harmonisation Process for the 3000 and 4000 series ISSAIs

In 2014 the INTOSAI Performance Audit Subcommittee (PAS) de la INTOSAI, presided over by Brazil’s SAI, started work to harmonise ISSAIs 3000, 3100 and 3200. The Compliance Audit Subcommittee (CAS) is currently working on harmonising ISSAIs 4000, 4100 and 4200.  The approval and review of these modifications will also be presented at XXII INCOSAI 2016.

Level 4 – Exposure draft for ISSAI 5450

There is a project to promote adequate government accountability and correct debt management through the development of ISSAI 5450 “Guidance for Auditing on Public Debt Information System” headed by Brazil’s Court of Accounts.

All OLACEFS SAIs are invited to comment on the ISSAI 5450 project – available to the INTOSAI community at www.issai.org – until March 6, 2015. Feedback from SAIs in the region will help strengthen the contents and usefulness of the guidance which will be presented for final approval at the XXII INTOSAI conference in 2016.

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