Two Salvadoran officials spent May 20-24 at AGN auditing OLACEFS’ Technical Commission on Good Governance Practices (CTPBG), chaired by Jesús Rodríguez, with the objective of “issuing an independent conclusion on the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of the actions it carries out in the promotion of SDGs at the regional level and the role of SAIs in achieving the 2030 Agenda.

Wilfredo Aguilar Montecinos and Salvador Alexander Segovia of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of El Salvador (CCR) met with the president of the AGN, Oscar Lamberto, to inform him of the audit activities they are carrying out.

The work focused on two projects: “Identification and analysis of the implementation process and auditing the SDGs” and “Construction of a results framework for auditing and promoting good governance of the SDGs.”

Aguilar Montecinos said: “The CTPBG has played a very important role in this issue, and that is why it has been selected. Our mission here is to audit the work related to the SDGs and generate recommendations taking into account a preventive, corrective action or areas of improvement in response to the results of the audit.”

They stressed that they are in the stage of development of audit procedures, “We have already started to review all the documentary aspects and some follow-up reports on the work that the Commission is doing.”

In the next few days, the performance audit will be finalized, focused on evaluating “whether the Commission’s work was carried out under the parameters of effectiveness, efficiency and economy, as required by international standards.”

It is the second audit that OLACEFS has performed at the CTPBG chaired by AGN.