On October 12, the XXVIII OLACEFS Ordinary General Assembly, organized by the General Audit Office of the Argentine Republic (AGN), drew to a successful close in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The event began on October 9 with the LXVIII Meeting of the OLACEFS Board, held in AGN offices, and continued at the Panamericano Hotel, with two technical sessions on October 10 and 11, and the administrative session of the General Assembly on October 12.

At the Governing Board meeting, various OLACEFS internal management issues were discussed, which should be considered in full by members in the General Assembly, along with presenting progress made in annual activities by the bodies and working group. For details of the issues looked at in this meeting, please see the Meeting Agenda, and for details of the discussions and decisions, please see the minutes of the respective meeting.

In the first technical session, on Wednesday, October 10, discussions focused on the topic “integrity in public procurement“, with a presentation of the results of technical topic 1 “Integrity in public purchases. Coordination and oversight mechanisms between procurement systems and national audit institutions”. The topic was developed with contributions from a number of SAIs from the region, and was enriched by the discussions that took place at the round tables organized for the occasion.

The day also included panel discussions with experts on government procurement and its relationship with SAIs, and a discussion on integrity in government procurement.

To see the conclusions of the technical topic 1, please click here.

There was also a panel discussion on different types of partnerships for fostering innovation within SAIs, organized by the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI),

The first technical session ended with the signing of the Declaration of Buenos Aires on the role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in light of new, 21st century information technologies.

In the second technical session, on Thursday, October 11, discussion focused on the auditing of public-private partnerships, with a presentation on the results of technical topic 2, “Supreme audit of state companies and public-private partnerships”, similarly enhanced by round table discussions.

Following this there were discussions on the experiences of SAIs in overseeing public-private partnerships, identifying good practices and lessons learned, through two panels of experts specially prepared for the occasion.

Please click here for the conclusions of technical topic 2.

The second technical session ended with a discussion on the experiences of developing environmental coordination audits in the region, oriented towards the contribution of SAIs in the implementation and achievement of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The third and final session began with the approval of the conclusions of the above technical topics (conclusions on technical topic 1 and conclusions on technical topic 2), and moved on to the administrative session of the General Assembly.

The Administrative Assembly saw all OLACEFS members meeting to discuss the organization’s administrative work. Here, important matters were dealt with such as electing the SAI of Uruguay to the Governing Board; approval of the 2017 financial statements; being informed about the implementation and follow-up of the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan; resolving the relegation of members of two entities with outstanding debts; thanking the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Colombia for agreeing to be the venue for the XXX General Assembly, 2020; and presenting progress on the OLACEFS-GIZ Program for the strengthening of External Environmental Control; and other matters.

To see the topics discussed in more detail, check the Meeting Agenda, and to find out more about decisions taken at the General Assembly, please see the corresponding minutes.

One matter of vital importance to the organization was the election of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru as holders of the OLACEFS Presidency for the period 2019-2021.

The SAI of Peru set its work plan as holders of the OLACEFS Presidency around the following cornerstones:

  1. Intergration;
  2. Cooperation;
  3. Training;
  4. Specialization;
  5. Sharing experiences;
  6. Sustainable development;
  7. Communication;
  8. International positioning;
  9. Transparency and accountability; and
  10. Looking forward.

Please see the following document for more information on the Peruvian SAI’s work plan: Proposed Work Plan SAI Peru and explanatory video.

For the working papers, background and photos of the event, please go to the following pages:

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