The meeting for the consolidation of results of the coordinated audit on environmental liabilities was held in Quito, Ecuador, and opened by acting Comptroller General of the Republic of Paraguay, Roy Rodgers Canás, in his capacity as chairman of OLACEFS’ Special Technical Commission for the Environment (COMTEMA).

The Office of the Comptroller General of Ecuador hosted the event which took place on February 2 and 4 in Quito, Ecuador, with the support and coordination of the presidency of COMTEMA currently held by the SAI of Paraguay. The inauguration was attended by Deputy Comptroller General of Ecuador Dr. Pablo Celi de la Torre and authorities from Ecuador’s SAI, as well as members of technical teams from the SAIs of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The work is coordinated by technical teams from the SAIs of Peru and Mexico.

During the opening ceremony the President of COMTEMA underlined the importance of having a consolidation meeting, bringing to a close the second Coordinated Audit carried out under the presidency of the SAI of Paraguay, the previous one being the Audit on Latin American Protected Areas, coordinated by the SAIs of Brazil and Paraguay.

The meeting started the concluding process of the Coordinated Audit in which ten Supreme Audit Institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean participated. The task of consolidating will make it possible to assess the design of national tools to promote proper management, prevention and control in matters of environmental liabilities.

At the end of the meeting representatives of participating SAIs signed the closure agreement which included commitments regarding the delivery dates of each of their final reports. Once all the reports have been completed, the consolidation process for the preparation of the final report for the audit will be complete. This report will be available to all OLACEFS member SAIs as well as the public.

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Minutes for the Consolidation Meeting for the Coordinated Audit on Environmental Liabilities