The Working Group for the Audit of Public Works (GTOP) of the Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) and the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile, with the support of Brazil’s TCU, held a workshop on training and planning for the coordinated audit on renewable energies in the electricity sector. The activity was attended by 30 officials from 12 SAIs in the region, and place from September 24 – 28, 2018, in Santiago, Chile.

The first two days were devoted to developing a classroom course on the subject, in which the general concepts on renewable energies, international commitments and the global panorama were looked at. Additionally there was a discussion session for all participants on how to increase the share of renewable sources in the electricity grid and guarantee access to reliable and affordable energy (energy security and modest charges).

From Wednesday the activity focused on agreeing on the joint planning of the coordinated audit, the scope of the work to be developed, the planning matrix, universes and/or samples and deadlines.

Participants also took part in working sessions to define the current situation of the energy generation matrix in participating OLACEFS member countries, as well as assessing whether there are public policies in place for the scope of the commitments to expand renewable energies in the electricity sector, taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.

The initiative will also analyze investments in infrastructure for generating sustainable electric power (hydro, wind, solar, biomass, tide, etc.) and possible barriers to incorporating and expanding this infrastructure. The above, in relation to aspects such as operational challenges, regulatory issues, subsidy and promotion policies, energy security, energy prices and the modulation of tariffs.

The event was developed with the help of an expert consultant from Facto Energy, Roberto Miguel Gutiérrez Velásquez, together with the German Corporation for International Cooperation, GIZ. Rubén Contreras Lisperguer, energy specialist of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC/UN), also participated.

The next stage of the coordinated audit is to develop the field work based on the common planning table, and then carry out a consolidation workshop to discuss the results and standardize the findings, with a view to drafting an international consolidated report.

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Program for Planning Workshop for Coordinated Audit on Renewable Energies

Minutes of Planning Workshop for Coordinated Audit on Renewable Energies

Table for Planning Workshop for Coordinated Audit on Renewable Energies

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